Conversations with Mei Xiang 与美香同行


(11 November 2015, Wednesday) The station invited 2 students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Chen Chen and Jasper Lim, to talk about their student life at NAFA and film projects, as well as their future dreams and aspirations.

Chen Chen, 22, is from China and Jasper, 25, is from Singapore. Chen Chen mentioned that Singapore is a good place to study as it’s a place that where he’s exposed to various nationalities and cultures. Both students are pursuing a Diploma in Screen Media.

They elaborated on their graduation project, as well as on the recent 4-day trip to Myanmar as part of the NAFA Inter-Disciplinary Project (IDP) on puppets. They also shared their experience filming in Myanmar, and what they have learned from this project about the life and culture of the Burmese.

The students go on to discuss about their feelings on their graduation next year, and what their future plans are after that.

Chen Chen and Jasper end of the interview segment by talking about their short film, Black White Grey, and a word of advice for young listeners who are still studying.

Media: 88.3 Jia FM, 9 to 10pm

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