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Group photo with participants

UTAR Centre for Extension Education (CEE) and Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF) played host to 15 Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSEUF) students from the Philippines during a Cultural Learning and Exploration Tour Programme (CLETP) held at UTAR Perak Campus from 8 to 14 June 2015.

A closing ceremony was held on 13 June 2015 to mark the completion of CLETP at Heritage Hall and attended by other UTAR staff and students. The closing ceremony saw the students giving presentations on their tour experience followed by an exchange of souvenirs. Apart from that, the Filipino students’ also gave a song performance in their national and traditional costumes, allowing others to have a glimpse into the Filipino culture.


Prof Choong delivering his closing address

Speaking at the ceremony, FBF Dean Prof Dr Choong Chee Keong said, “Our collaboration between UTAR and MSEUF was fruitful as it provided an invaluable learning experience for students from both universities. They engaged in cultural learning and exploration which enabled them to better understand the uniqueness and the cultural aspects of Malaysia and the Philippines.” He also expressed hope that this collaboration will continue with more Filipino students joining the programme in the coming years.

Devota Normita M. Comia who was the tour leader for the student group added, “It was an enjoyable and enlightening experience for us. We truly appreciate UTAR’s warm and gracious hospitality. Thank you for hosting us on our wonderful one week educational vacation with fun and exciting activities such as seminars, workshops, soft skills training, tours and visits to local companies, cultural industries, and tourist attractions.”

The Filipino students’ presentations on their study tour reports showed their enthusiasm and interest in our myriad culture and racial harmony.


Alyssah Xeniah (left) receiving her certificate of completion from Prof Choong

Alyssah Xeniah C. Alcala, a master’s degree student from the study tour said, “The comprehensive weeklong CLETP in UTAR Perak Campus was a great experience. It really complemented the classroom-based instructions, seminars, and business research undertaken by students of MSEUF. In the same manner, it gave us an opportunity to have an over view of Malaysia and develop new friends.”

“Great experience is the phrase that first comes to mind when I look back to our CLETP in Malaysia,” said another participant, Reynan Lorenz Lagarde Mascarina. He enthused, “We had met a lot of thoughtful and kind people, which eventually became our friends, who had shared their precious time with us and accompany us in discovering how wonderful Malaysia is. Although our time was short, we truly felt the hospitality and love that was given to us. The different places that we visited made us appreciate the beauty of Malaysia as a whole.”

The day ended with Prof Choong presenting a souvenir to Devota Normita M. Comia and certificates of participation to the MSEUF students. A group photo-taking session was held after the presentation ceremony. This is the third successive year that CEE and FBF has organised the programme which first began in June 2013.


One of the participants presenting her experience from the study tour


Prof Choong (left) receiving a souvenir from Devota Normita

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