Experience the Canadian Way of Teaching at Taylor’s College CPU Open Week

taylor college CPU Open Week

CPU Dress Up Day – one of the many ‘Dress Up Days’ for the students, where they have fun with the theme

The Canadian Pre-University (CPU) Programme at Taylor’s College will be opening up their classrooms to the public during the CPU OPEN WEEK, from November 21 – November 25, 2011!

This is a unique opportunity for parents and students to visit the campus throughout the week and sit-in on any of the actual classes.

You will get to witness:
• The flexible learning experience of CPU
• Interactive teaching style, student-centred learning and active classroom participation
• The best of North American education
• The 80% ratio of Canadian-certified teachers in the programme, with a wealth of international experience
• The pilot iPad in classroom learning spearheaded by CPU teachers

The teachers of the CPU programme are known to go the distance, and celebrate the potential inside each of their students. The Taylor’s CPU programme brings lessons to life with various activities and events incorporated into the syllabus throughout the course of the programme.

What is so unique about the CPU programme? Where do students go after completing CPU? How does the Canadian teaching approach differ from the rest? – all these questions and more can be answered at the CPU Open Week.

Taking place from 8.30am – 3.30pm, November 21-25 (Monday – Friday) at Wisma Subang, Subang Jaya, the CPU Open Week is an opportunity to witness first-hand, the unique teaching approaches used in the Canadian programme.

Contact 03-5636 3641/ 03-5637 1150 for more details or to register.

taylor college CPU Open Week

Living Legacies Musical – spearheaded by Taylor’s CPU teachers and students

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