Field trip for Finance students

Students of the Bachelor of Finance (Hons) programme recently went on an educational trip to Bursa Malaysia and Bank Negara Malaysia. The first stop at Bank Negara saw students being briefed about the operations of the Central bank and a visit to the bank’s museum. Students had the opportunity view multiple galleries such as art gallery, numismatics gallery, temporary gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia gallery, economics gallery, Islamic finance gallery and lastly the children gallery.

It was a fulfilling experience as students managed to view the old dollar bills and coins that were used for trade in the olden days.

The next stop was Bursa Malaysia where they were provided with briefing on what is the purpose of Bursa and how to become a member of the stock exchange in Malaysia. They were also taken for the visit of the knowledge centre which is the museum. Overall, it was a very beneficial trip where students had the chance to see what they learnt in class.

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