2013 NCNU Foreign Student Admission Brochure Announcement

2013 NCNU Foreign Student Admission Brochure Announcement

Situated in the northern side of Nantou County, Puli Township is categorized as the most representative town out of thirteen towns in Nantou due to its unique farm products and rich culture. The fine weather and pure water contribute to the many beautiful nicknames of Puli such as “The Last Pure Land in Western Taiwan”, “The Backyard of Taichung”, “The Lotus Tower”, “Town of Butterflies”, “City of Flowers”, “Township of Cultural Center” and “The Treasure House of Anthropology”.

National Chi Nan University is situated in the south-west mountainside of Puli. Occupying 150 hectares with graceful green landscapes, Chi Nan University is one of the prettiest universities in Taiwan. Built in the terrain of Tao Mi Li, a famous spot for ecotourism, the local area is diverse in its ecological resources, including diverse frogs and dragonflies. With all the cultural features of its hometown, Chi Nan University offers students a first class academic environment combined with a rich and diverse personal experience.

The establishment of second foreign language course is one of the characteristics of NCNU in order to make students have more wide international visions, and take a broad view of the whole world. To really strengthen student’s foreign language ability, NCNU implements ‘ Freshmen English Test ‘ that will divide students into several classes and gives lessons based on their grades. From 92 academic years, our school provides the ongoing environment to learn English in four years by the Internet English classroom that offers an English essay every week and grammars and vocabulary are explained inside. Students can surf the Net to practice repeatedly. Besides Chinese and English, we open the information system and network introduction to make students really practice Internet in this common basic compulsory course of school, bbs, ms-office, etc. NCNU plans Southeast Asia Introduction and International Tendency course to reflect our school’s Southeast Asia research feature and to cultivate students’ service spirit, NCNU designs two-semester zero credit public service course as well. In order to help students to learn languages, and promote students’ English and the Chinese level of oversea students, our school combines the synchronous technology of the multimedia, and develop ” Chinese classroom of network multimedia ” and promote efficiency and interest that students carry on network learning. Furthermore, NCNU cooperates with local resources to set up horsemanship, light boat and archery course in hope to enrich students’ life.

We plan to be a comprehensive university with colleges of Humanities, Social, Education, Management, Technology, Biological Resources, establish an internationally renowned academic institute for Regional Studies on Southeast Asia, become a research and promotion center for advanced technology and cultivate the integration of multidisciplinary professionals and experts of Southeast Asian languages and overseas Chinese education.

2013 NCNU Foreign Student Admission Brochure have been announced, welcome to the Admissions Information website and download Admission Brochure.


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