An insightful talk by Eu Yan Sang Group CEO


Star of the Event: All eyes are on Richard, who tactfully addresses questions from a puzzled enquirer.

“This serves as a reminder for you guys. Do not have so many wives!” Eu Yan Sang Group CEO Richard Eu bantered about his grandfather, prominent community leader Eu Tong Sen’s (1877-1941) matrimonial ensnare that produced 13 sons – All of whom were disconcerted about keeping the family’s business and legacy consolidated. All fired up, the voluminous audience roared with deafening laughter at the sidesplitting remarks emitted by Richard during the talk held at Heritage Hall, UTAR Perak campus on 8 November 2012.

As part of UTAR Entrepreneurial Talk Series, the enigmatic Richard Eu was cordially invited to present a talk titled “Modernising a Traditional Business” which was dissected into four intriguing parts: history of Eu Yan Sang, modernization of the business, overview of the business today, and challenges afflicting the rosy business. The talk had generated profound buzz among the euphoric students who filled the hall to the brim.

Aided by a captivating power point presentation, the business magnate dexterously navigated the perplexed audience through the highs and lows that characterised the chronicle of Eu Yan Sang. A contrasting vibe was conjured when the new commercial video for Eu Yan Sang was propagandized as opposed to the preceding one. After Richard niftily wrapped up his talk, the Q&A session ensued in which he was inundated with eclectic questions from the conspicuous crowd.

Organised by the Department of Consultancy and Commercialisation (DCC), UTAR Entrepreneurial Talk Series seeks to inspire people with the views and valuable sharing of accomplished entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, Eu Yan Sang International Ltd is a public listed company that focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is also a collaborative (MOU) partner of UTAR. Also present at the talk was UTAR Vice President (R&D and Commercialisation) Prof. Ir. Dr. Lee Sze Wei.


Token of Appreciation: Prof. Lee (left) presenting a memento to Richard.

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