Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

From left: Lee, Moo and Low are members of Team DF

A group of 11 creative and innovative UTAR students organised a fun-filled and exciting challenge known as “Rev Up Bomberman Challenge 2013” on 11 and 12 November 2013 at Student Pavilion II, UTAR Perak Campus.

The group known as Team DF, which stands for ‘Da Family’ was recently selected as one the 16 finalists from over 40 shortlisted entries from institutions of higher learning all over the country in a competition known as ‘The Master of Rev Up’. Organised by Revive Isotonic, the competition had initially attracted more than 2000 entries before the 40 best entries were shortlisted.

As one of the finalist teams with the best ‘Rev’d Up’ ideas, Team DF had since been sent to a boot camp where they received RM5,000 and given two months to execute their plan.

The team comprised final-year Public Relations students Kueh Vi Vien, Chai You Hong, Foong Xye Mun, Chew Yi Lin, Chin Terk Wah, Daphne Lee Wan Yu, Oon Wei Teng, Low Fang Ying and Moo Hong Yuen, Psychology student Kang Mei Xuan and Advertising student Joel Fam Weng Soon.

After executing their plan i.e. the Rev Up Bomberman Challenge, Team DF will have to do a presentation on their innovative idea at a graduation party where they will be judged along with all the other 15 finalists. The judging criteria include creativity, planning, budget and project management and PR value. Prizes for the winning team include cash and internship opportunities as well as prizes for the winning institutions.

The two-day Bomberman Challenge organised by Team DF tested the intelligence and wits of the participants. The event had successfully attracted more 300 UTAR students joining in the fun and excitement.

Organising Chairperson Kueh Vi Vien remarked “The console game Bomberman was chosen as the core idea because we wanted to bring back the memories of childhood in the 90s and execute it in a way that youth nowadays would enjoy.”

During the closing ceremony of Rev Up Bomberman Challenge 2013, Team DF donated RM1000 from the registration fee collected from the participating students/teams to the Kampar Basketball Association for restoration and repair of the Kampar old town basketball court.

Invited to hand over the donation to Chairman of Perak Basketball Association (Kampar Branch) Henry Cho was UTAR Vice President (Student Development and Alumni Relations) Assoc Prof Dr Teh Chee Seng. “I am glad to see our students helping out for charity by donating something to the community out there. We don’t live by ourselves alone but also with people outside,” remarked Dr Teh.

“I am grateful to the organizers for being charitable and their deeds have benefited the Kampar basketball fans,” told Cho.

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

Challenges here require more than just teamwork, but also intelligence and physically-challenging skills

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

Games that test players' speed and focus

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

Participants learning to trust their teammates' decisions

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

Not for the faint-hearted: The mystery boxes causing many screams and squeals among the participants

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

Participants having unforgettable memories of their university lives

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

The event ended on a happy note

Bomberman Challenge for a good cause

Cho (6th from right) and Dr Teh (next to him) and Kueh (6th from left) with the energetic members of Team DF

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