Book for kids with different needs

Ms Lee Seow Ser, Ms Hidayah Amin and Ms Tan Ai Khim with their books.

Ms Lee Seow Ser, Ms Hidayah Amin and Ms Tan Ai Khim with their books.

(Date: Monday 09 November)It has font for readers with dyslexia, and Braille dots for those who are blind. Picture this: children – including those who are blind or have dyslexia – all reading the same book together. That has become possible with the launch of a new children’s book earlier this year. It has Braille dots for the blind, and text in Dyslexie font that is specially designed for readers with dyslexia.

It also has embossed elements, so readers can feel the outline of a coconut tree, for instance.

The 12-page book, titled Hang Nadim And The Garfish, was written by Ms Hidayah Amin, 43,and edited by Ms Lee Seow Ser, 42. It is part of a project called To SIR (Socially Inclusive Reads) With Love, which aims to nurture empathy and compassion in children.

Ms Hidayah is a research consultant, while MsLee is a freelance writer and editor.

The two writers were featured in The Straits Times Causes Week last year when they first converted another of Ms Hidayah’s books, The MangoTree, into Braille.

In fact, Ms Tan Ai Khim, the illustrator of Hang Nadim, decided to contribute her talent after reading about the writers in ST last year.

Ms Tan, 34, a part-time lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, said: “I was trying to produce learning cards, using Braille to form shapes so visually impaired children can have an idea of what a

heart or star looks like. So when I read about them, I thought of collaborating with them.”

Media: The Straits Times, Top of the News, page A7

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