Borneo Studies course ensures preservation of historical and socio-cultural heritage of Borneo

historical and socio-cultural heritage of Borneo
Miri – 27 May 2011 – Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) will be offering a new major, Bachelor of Arts (Borneo Studies) in its new intake in July 2011.

The course is unique to Curtin Sarawak, it being the only Curtin campus offering the course, and the curriculum and course materials were largely developed here.

“We developed this course in the interest of helping to safeguard Borneo’s unique historical and socio-cultural heritage, as well as in keeping with our commitment to promoting an informed understanding of the diverse regions of Borneo,” Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Kerr said.

It delves into various areas of study, including the culture, history, linguistics, politics, economics, environment, natural resources, sustainable development and indigenous issues of Borneo.

Designed to provoke thought and stimulate interest towards the main historical and socio-cultural characteristics of Borneo, the course places emphasis on skills such as formulating research questions, locating and critically analysing source materials, and effectively communicating results of the research.

Among the many learning outcomes of the course is the ability to define different approaches to learning and research; describe main social, cultural and historical characteristics, and identify historical forces pertinent to contemporary socio-cultural structure.

The learning outcomes will also allow students to distinguish basic similarities and differences between various indigenous and non-indigenous communities and societies, as well as analyse the social organisation of people and patterns of migration intrinsic to the geo-cultural complexity of Borneo.

In addition, the learning is made fun by the injection of elements commonly associated with Borneo, such as orangutans and hornbills, its rich rainforests and natural wonders, colourful colonial and wartime history, and unique tribal customs and rituals.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to choose career paths in the civil service and education, or become a journalist, public relations officer, scriptwriter or documentary director or producer.

The course is taught in English and applicants must demonstrate competence in English by meeting the Curtin English language requirement. It is available on a full-time basis and students can finish the degree in a minimum of three years, which is over six semesters. There are two intakes each year – in March and July.

For more information on the Bachelor of Arts (Borneo Studies), visit, call Curtin Sarawak’s Student Recruitment Department at +60 85 443939 or e-mail [email protected]

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