Club-In 2.0 introduces Curtin Sarawak students to vibrant campus life

Club-In 2.0 introduces Curtin Sarawak students to vibrant campus life

Students visiting one of the booths during the exhibition.

Miri – 6 September 2013 – Club-In 2.0, a recent showcase of the student clubs of Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) at its Recreation and Event Centre, attracted over 750 students of the university.

Jointly organised by Curtin Sarawak’s Student Council and its University Life Department, the main objective of the exhibition was to encourage students, particularly those newly-enrolled in the current semester, to participate in its vibrant campus life through involvement in student clubs.

Various student clubs catering to social, environmental, recreational, sports, cultural and religious interests, as well as academic clubs affiliated to Curtin Sarawak’s schools and those under the Department of University Life’s leadership and entrepreneurship programmes, were represented at the event.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Curtin Sarawak’s Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Ching, University Life Career and Alumni Officer Zairustina Putit and Curtin Sarawak Student Council President Jude Dominic Lim.

The highlights of the exhibition included performances by the Curtin Martial Arts Club, Curtin Lion Dance Club, Curtin Bowling Club, Art and Dance Club, Catholic Student Society, AIESEC Curtin Sarawak Chapter and Curtin Sarawak Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch, as well as lucky draws.

In addition, several clubs took the opportunity to carry out fundraising to finance their club activities. The Curtin Martial Arts Club and Curtin Japan Pop Culture Club organised a food sale while the Curtin Bowling Club organised a garage sale.

During the event, the students voted for the best clubs under different categories. The winners were Curtin Civil Society (Best Academic Club), Curtin Lion Dance Club (Best Special Interest Club), Leo Club (Best Social Club), Varsity Christian Fellowship (Best Religious Club) and Curtin Badminton Club (Best Sport Club).

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