Colours of China (China National Day Celebration) 2014 @ APU

The National Day Celebration showcased different ethnicities in China

The National Day Celebration showcased different ethnicities in China

Thursday, 2nd OctIn conjunction with the China National Day which is celebrated annually on the 1st of October, the China Students Community at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) held a magnificent celebration to demonstrate the colourful Chinese culture in the presence of staff and students who came from different cultural backgrounds.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a country with rich culture and history. Throughout the celebration that took place in APU, students demonstrated the uniqueness of the Chinese culture with outstanding performances, such as Diabolo & ‘Pi Pa’ performances as well as dance & singing performances. The fashion show themed “I Love China” was definitely an eye-opener for all, as more than 10 traditional costumes of different ethnic groups in China were showcased on-stage. Even staff and students from Malaysia, Iran and other countries joined hand-in-hand with the Chinese students, to deliver awesome performances as well.

It was a good platform for the Chinese students to showcase their cultures, and for non-China students to understand more about the Chinese culture and history. “It was a well-planned event where students from China and other nationalities at APU, hosted a great show which consisted of traditional and modern performances. I loved it,” said Afey Haneef, a Maldivian Student Ambassador who is currently taking his Master’s degree at APU.

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