Curtin Sarawak accounting students go on study visit to Penang

Miri – 15 July 2016 – The Accounting Club of Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) recently organised a successful 3-day study visit to Penang for 20 of its student members.

The Accounting Club Curtin Sarawak (ACCS) is a student-run club under Curtin Sarawak’s Faculty of Business which actively conducts practical activities for its members each year to help them gain valuable industry exposure and expand their horizons in the accounting profession.

The Penang visit was aimed at giving the students the opportunity to learn about industry players there and also explore internship and career opportunities with them. The companies visited comprised Invest-in-Penang Berhad, Deloitte Penang, Peter Chong & Co., AMD Global Services and Plexus Riverside.

The students were accompanied by lecturer Chan Kwok Mow and senior lecturer Dr. Jude Emelifeonwu, who is also the Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Business.

At Invest-in-Penang, the students gained interesting insights into the company’s background, operations and future expansion. They also learned how the company collaborates with job portal JobStreet Penang in online recruitment and were encouraged to apply for jobs in the state through Invest-in-Penang.

This was followed by a visit to Deloitte Penang where the students toured its offices and learned a great deal about audits and taxation. They were also offered internships of at least three months with the company if they were interested.

Meanwhile, at Peter Chong & Co., they learned about company listings and more about conducting audits, followed by an in-depth question and answer session to allow them to get more practical information.

Subsequent visits to AMD Global Services and Plexus Riverside helped them gain more information on finance and accounting, marketing and human resource management, as well as internship opportunities.

ACCS President Jonah Ting Zhao Kiong said the visit was very beneficial to the students and thanked the Faculty of Business for sponsoring it, while student Ling You Ping said she was glad for the opportunity to join the trip and looks forward to more opportunities in the future.

Both agreed that Curtin Sarawak’s commitment to providing its students opportunities for practical learning beyond the classroom, innovative new ways of learning like distributed learning and flipped classrooms, as well as its strong links with its industrial partners, give its students a distinct advantage.

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