Curtin Sarawak students bringing SukaEnglish Project to Indonesia


Sukabumi, located at the southwest coast of West Java, Indonesia.

Miri – 6 July 2015 – The SukaEnglish Project, the first international teaching project organised by Humanitarian Affairs Curtin Sarawak Student Chapter of Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak), will see over 40 volunteers involved in teaching English in Indonesia from 22 to 27 July 2015.

100 students from eight primary and secondary schools as well as 40 adult villagers in Pelabuhan Ratu will take part in the SukaEnglish Project. Pelabuhan Ratu is the administrative capital of Sukabumi located on the southwest coast of West Java, Indonesia.

19 student volunteers from Curtin Sarawak will be joined by 10 from University of Indonesia, as well as 13 committee members from both institutions, on the project.


Student volunteers and committee members attending introductory briefing session before departing for Indonesia.

The objective of the SukaEnglish Project is to teach the participants English and other essential skills such as communication skills with the aim of bringing about significant change in the community, particularly their livelihood and economic status.

The project is sponsored by Curtin Sarawak’s Student Council, Marketing Department and Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre (LEC) the university’s student and community development arm under its University Life Department.

It is supported by The Learning Centre at the university which has designed teaching modules to fit the requirements of each target group.

Last May, the student chapter organised a ‘Community Enhancement Day’ project, its inaugural volunteer project executed over a one-month period at Kampung Damai Senadin located just a stone’s throw away from the university’s campus.

Humanitarian Affairs Curtin Sarawak Student Chapter is part of Humanitarian Affairs United Kingdom, a London-based social enterprise. The organisation empowers young people in bringing about positive social change by initiating and supporting humanitarian relief efforts and development programmes around the world.

Through such activities, the student chapter at Curtin Sarawak provides students and staff the opportunity to engage in humanitarian service, strengthen their cultural understanding, and develop a lifelong commitment in volunteerism to benefit communities in poverty-stricken areas.

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