Diploma in TESOL

Diploma in TESOL

The Diploma in TESOL programme is a 2 year full-time programme which is approved and accredited by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA). Students are required to complete 28 – 30 courses contributing to a total of 90 credits. There are 3 intakes in a year; January, May and September.

This programme is designed for those who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching English as a Second Language or Foreign Language. It provides students with the theories, skills and practices needed to become competent English language teachers. Once qualified, they can become English language teachers, administrators, trainers or work in any related fields which require extensive English usage.

The curriculum is designed and delivered by a team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers who have been involved in the training of English language teachers and who have successfully produced quality TESL/TESOL teachers.

Upon completion of the ELS Diploma in TESOL, you can gain credit exemptions to enrol in selected degree programmes in the UK and US.

You can also apply for ELS Entrance Scholarships and/or PTPTN Loan.

If you need further information or assistance, kindly visit our website at http://www.els.edu.my/en/programmes/diploma-in-tesol/ or contact us at 03-2166 5530.

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