Earn 100% funding for your MBA when you choose LSBF as your ACCA provider

Sound too good to be true? It’s not…

“I love the atmosphere at LSBF and I like how the tutors are friendly with every student. I love London because it’s a great city with a lot of opportunities and a lot of major companies.” Chee San Choon, Malaysia

LSBF is offering 100% scholarship for your MBA when you book your ACCA papers with us. It’s a truly unique offer that we guarantee you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Chose London School of Business and Finance as your ACCA provider and experience the benefits immediately. LSBF give you more study hours (and therefore value) to the core modules and the most flexible range of study options available including access to our InterActive learning platform; video recorded lectures that can be viewed whenever and wherever you want.

We also employ the UK’s leading tutors who draw upon their experience, specialist expertise and passion for the subject to deliver a truly first-class ACCA course to you. It’s simple, we pick the best tutors and their knowledge, skill and enthusiasm for teaching the ACCA will help provide you with the tools you need to adapt and excel in a complex and constantly changing business world.

Highly Trusted LSBF has Home Office approval

We are proud to announce that LSBF has been awarded the renowned Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) status. The HTS status is reserved by the UKBA only for those organisations who demonstrate that they meet the highest criteria of quality in student recruitment, admissions and management.

Only HTS organisations may sponsor students for certain types of courses, and students who apply for a visa with a CAS from a HTS are likely to receive a quicker, hassle-free service from UK High Commissions.

Study MBA & ACCA simultaneously

An MBA will provide you with invaluable theoretical skills and leadership capabilities, while the industry- focused ACCA will give you the practical skills you need to succeed in the international business arena – the dual skills set you will acquire by studying for both will be invaluable to your future success in business.

This groundbreaking dual programme provides a potent combination of business and financial skills that is so highly sought after in the global business arena.

Why Study an MBA with ACCA?

  • Additional networking opportunities – an MBA educational experience provides you with a host of contacts you would not otherwise come across, including fantastic internship opportunities.
  • Increased earning potential – individuals with an MBA generally command a better remuneration package.
  • Gives you the advantage of being one of the few on the market with both qualifications, thereby dramatically increasing your professional value.
  • Today’s employers are increasingly turning away from in-house training in favour of hiring directly from MBA programmes to find the best available talent.
  • You will acquire competencies in terms of problem-solving and analytical skills, leadership, initiative, and team skills.
  • Potential career opportunities include roles as a CFO, consultant or venture capitalist.

With an MBA under your belt at no extra cost, in addition to your ACCA, you’ll be in a prime position to power up the management ladder. What’s more, unlike many other MBA degrees, you won’t need work experience