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1. The first payment and all related documents regarding the enrolment must be received no later than 3pm, 18/12/2015;
2. Emailed confirmation of the payment receipt will be accepted as proof of payment if received no later than 3pm 18/12/2015;
3. Please ensure you send the signed enrolment form, signed Letter of Offer, completed entrance test (if applicable), release letter (if applicable) and first payment by 3pm 18/12/2015;
4. By having your COE issued in December 2015 you have the right to participate in the draw to be the lucky one to get a $3,000 travel voucher;
5. Each COE will be counted as one ticket;
6. Tickets will be drawn on 11/01/2016;
7. The winner will receive a $3,000AUD voucher;
8. Offer valid for ONSHORE and OFFSHORE students.
9. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash.

EIP 国际学院 EIP International College

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