Even after being in the arts scene for 46 years Chen Zhao Jin remains youthful at heart

投身艺术46年 - 陈兆锦童心未泯

投身艺术46年 – 陈兆锦童心未泯

(25 September 2015, Friday)Even after leaving the broadcast industry for 23 years, Chen Zhao Jin still shines in his own way. In the 80s to the 90s, he often partnered with Hua Liang to bring laughter to many families. Today, at 65, even though he has left the limelight for many years, Chen Zhao Jin remains a strong supporter of the performing arts.

Last week, Chen Zhao Jin worked with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for the first time, and directed Year 3 students from the Diploma in Theatre (Mandarin Drama), to present Wind and Rain of Chinatown. He said that this play was performed in Singapore over 50 years ago, and in conjunction with SG50 this year, Dr Yu Wei Jie thought it would be good to perform some local productions. The Chinatown of 50 years ago depicted in the play also has a unique Singaporean flavour to it. Chen also said that Dr Yu, NAFA Vice Dean (of Theatre Programmes) saw a play that Chen directed 3 years ago, New 72 Tenants, that in July led Dr Yu to invite Chen to direct the NAFA students.

Wind and Rain of Chinatown opened last Friday for 3 days. The free admission attracted many people to attend. In particular, the opening night was so packed that some audiences had to stand to watch the play. This also proves that the efforts by Chen Zhao Jin and the 14 students over the past 2 months has not been in vain.

The article goes on to describe his life involved in the arts, the challenges he faced in his illustrious career and how he overcame them.

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