Focus on Internet Terms

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Lesson 5
Everyone has heard of the Internet, the Information super highway, the web, the Net, WWW, or any multitude of terms. These terms refer to the network of computers spanning the globe and understanding these terms can provide you with value added advantage when applying for college studies and even for a job.

People are using the Internet for various reasons, good and bad. The Internet allows you to do research, send and receive emails, shop using your credit card and much much more. These terms are important if you really want to understand and appreciate the Internet. What is a, dot net, dot org, dot gov, dot mil and dot edu? These relate to the term TOP LEVEL DOMAINS.

Domain name / Organization

.com / Commercial
.net  / Networks
.gov / Government
.mil / Military
.edu / Education

For example: Northwood University has a web site at:

Northwood has a TOP LEVEL DOMAIN registered as an Education organization. There are rules and regulations to register these domains. Not everybody can register a dot edu, only valid and accrediated academic institutions in the USA can do that.

The following Internet Terms are words that are common to the Internet:

Terms > Defined as

WWW > World Wide Web

Search engines > A tool that helps you search for information on the Internet.

Directories  > Directories are catalogs or Indexes of Web Sites compiled by researchers.

Newsgroups > Newsgroups is made up of discussion groups within USENET

Protocol > A communication standard

TCP > Transmission Control Protocol

IP > Internet Protocol

Packet Switching > Is a communication concept that breaks down messages into parts, then reassembles it.

Browser > A computer application that is used for browsing the Internet

Modem > A communication device that changes analog signals to digital signals – MODULATOR/DEMODULATOR

HTTP > Linked documents or subsequent transfer Hypertext Transfer Protocol

URL > The address of a document on the Internet, (Uniform Resource Locator)

How do you interprete this URL:

What does it mean? To find out more, Visit the above link and you will find the answer! Register online for regular updates as well as stand a chance to win Vouchers for IT trainning.

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