Folior Fest is a portfolio exhibition and art market from Dasein Academy of Art

Folior Fest is a portfolio exhibition and art market to showcase the ideas & crafts of design graduates from Dasein Academy of Art.

The exhibition is an open event that welcomes not only talent scouts from the creative industry, but also public visitors who appreciate creative designs & art market shopping.

Originated as a mini art festival in mind, Folior Fest features the portfolio projects from the following creative groups:

UNSEEN by Nelson Lee
A black & white solo photography exhibition that explores on mundane daily subjects that are mostly looked but not seen by the busy eye. This project explores on the quieter side of life by using black & white photography to unfold the hidden messages of reality.

ODDS by Lee Zie Wen, Teoh Ee Theng, Vic Khoo Ke Xian, See Yan
An installation taking inspiration from typical carnival game but with a twist that stimulates players’ curiosity to unfold uncertain rewards or penalties. This project highlights the emotion of curiosity vs fear, driving visitors to explore the odds of the unknown.

MINOR MANOR by Amy Yap Jia Shin, Alyssa Keh, Loo Yuen Chieh
A jadedly disguised little house furnished with plenty of cheerful delights, playfully designed to take adults back to their childhood and encourage the spirit of staying young at heart. The project aims to provide a creative space where adults can reconnect with their inner child.

PUPPET MOURNSTER by Khor Xiao Hui, Neoh Bee Sim, Nga Li Ting, Wong Sui Theng
Featuring six designer puppets with dark humor characteristics to signify the lost of self-control when people live their lives like puppets dangling on fated strings. The project ponders on the question of whether it is fate that controls our lives, or the other way around.

TABLE MATTERS by Celine Han, Frances Loke, Tonny Kong, Houston Sim
A graphical exhibition that showcases the mundane story of the plain object better known as the table, which often is understated, if not overlooked. The project explores on the unsung experiences of using the table to get various daily tasks completed.

CARE PO by Olivia Wong, Heng Kwang Hui, Janice Leong
Taking inspiration from the Chinese dialect “Kay poh” with the meaning of busybody, the creative team redefine the negative meaning of Kay Poh with a positive twist through a role-playing board game, taking the spirit of altruism to an entertaining level.

MADICAL TRICKMENT by Hew Zhi Ying, Tay Boon Hwee
A conceptual retail counter that explores on the simple principles to happiness which are often overlooked. A peculiar mock-clinic is designed to unfold the impulse of maintaining a positive and happy mindset, rather than taking stressful medication.


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