Foreign dancers highlights of Singapore’s dance

(Monday 14 March 2016)Is the over-reliance on foreign dancers hindering the local dance scene, or are they essential to its developmental process? zbNOW speaks with expatriate and local dancers.

22-year-old Malaysian dancer Brandon Khoo (one of the interviewees featured), is the newest and youngest male member of The Human Expressions Dance Company (THE), having joined in July last year and awarded “Best Dancer” at the national dance choreography competition Sprouts in October of the same year. His young age belies his familiarity with the local dance scene, as he underwent secondary school in Singapore and later specialised in dance at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Khoo says, “Even though I’m not Singaporean, I never felt lonely in my many years here, I think it is easy to make friends within the Singapore dance circle. Singapore does not make me feel discriminated; everyone learns together, supports one another’s performances and are acquainted with one another. This allows for open discussions and debates. ”

Media: Lianhe Zaobao, zbNOW, front page

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南洋艺术学院 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

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