FYP Poster Competition

Ir Loh (right) presenting the Challenge Trophy to Tai (left) while Dr Yap(centre) looks on.

UTAR Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology (FEGT) and The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) Student Section Kampar Campus held a Final Year Project (FYP) poster competition on 13 April 2016 at Kampar Campus. A record breaking of 99 posters were submitted from five FEGT departments from which the top 5 posters were selected for the final judging, with one poster from each department.

The VIP and judge for the competition was IEM Perak Branch Vice-Chairman Ir Loh Ban Ho. The other judge was Ir K Chandrasekaran a/l Krishnan, IEM Perak Branch Honorary Secretary cum lecturer of Industrial Engineering in FEGT. Both judges had to select the best three posters among the top five shortlisted posters. FEGT Dean Dr Yap Vooi Voon and faculty staff members were also present at the event.

The joint effort between FEGT and IEM Student Section Kampar Campus in organizing the event was to cultivate research interest among the FEGT students. Organizing the event for the third time, the poster exhibition showcased students’ final year projects (FYP) from the various departments of FEGT. The finalists also presented their posters to the judging committee. A series of elimination rounds were held in search of the three best posters at the final stage. Besides the three top winners, other 15 shortlisted posters were also awarded a certificate each by IEM Perak for their innovation and excellence.

A university of research and educational excellence, UTAR takes pride in its R&D initiatives, further encouraging its students to be active in conducting researches that prove to be valuable in their studies and future careers.

Final Year Environmental Engineering student Tai Chee Yong was awarded the grand winner for his poster titled “Assessment of the Powdered Activated Carbon Hybrid Membrane and Performance of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors (AnMBRs) Added with Different Sizes of Powdered Activated Carbon in Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Treatment”. Tai commented, “Throughout my studies in UTAR, the knowledge I received was beneficial to my FYP. One particular topic on wastewater treatment was very useful during my poster presentation.”

Quizzed with multiple questions, Tai showed no defeat with his knowledge in hand. “I am thankful to UTAR for the education I received, and my supervisor and my teammates for the continuous support and encouragement. With their support, I was able to present my ideas confidently which contributed to my winning,” enthused Tai.

Tai walked home with RM 100 cash, a certificate, and a Challenge Trophy sponsored by IEM Perak. To mark his significant win from the competition, Tai will have his name engraved onto the trophy and it will be proudly displayed at the dean’s office.

Winning the first runner-up prize was Final Year Petrochemical Engineering student Hau Hui Xin. Her winning poster was titled “Development of Biochar Filled High Density Polyethylene”. Understanding the aim of FEGT to educate students about improving the environment with technology, Hau’s project involved the use of wastes, POME derived biochar as filler to develop a less harmful and hazardous polymer composite. “The competition is a good exposure for juniors to learn more about the FYP structure and it motivates them to do better in support of a greener environment,” said Hau. She joyfully expressed her gratitude to her supervisor for the guidance and her teammates for their effort in completing the FYP.

Ir Loh (right) presenting the prize to Hau (left) while Dr Yap (centre) looks on.

Ir Loh (right) presenting the prize to Hau (left) while Dr Yap (centre) looks on.

Claiming the second runner-up prize was Final Year Industrial Engineering student Ding Kwong Leong. His poster titled “Vapour Chamber with Single Hollow Condenser Tube” featured the use of a newly designed vapour chamber that acts as a super heat conductor to cool a heated object, such as microchip. Unlike the traditional designs of vapour chamber, Ding’s prototype is an improved design, and with better thermal performance. “The new design applied in constructing the prototype vapour chamber will require continuous research and experiments to ensure that it can function at its best potential. I hope the success of this product will make it possible to have the design widely used in the commercial field,” said Ding.

“I was surprised as I hear my name announced as the second runner up. I’m very thankful because the Industrial Engineering classes have provided me sufficient information to help build the prototype,” said Ding.

The poster presentation ended with a souvenir presentation to Ir Loh. The event is co-organized by FEGT and IEM Student Section Kampar Campus and the all prizes were sponsored by IEM Perak Branch.

 Ir Loh (left) presenting the prize to Ding (right) while Dr Yap (centre) looks on.

Ir Loh (left) presenting the prize to Ding (right) while Dr Yap (centre) looks on.

Dr Yap (left) presenting a token of appreciation to Ir Loh.

Dr Yap (left) presenting a token of appreciation to Ir Loh.

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