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Genuino’s Great Contribution in Interactive Media Design

Visitors of Genuino Day getting to know what Genuino can do by interacting with drones in a booth located at The One Academy.

Genuino, or better known as Arduino in USA, may just be a tiny micro-controller but this gadget can make a huge impact when incorporated in a project. In fact, it is such a celebrated technology that the world has dedicated one day, called Genuino or Arduino Day, to be internationally recognised as its birthday. This occasion is usually translated to a 24-hour long event, often organised by the community or by the Arduino or Genuino founders where users and enthusiasts alike share their experience and learn more about the technology. This year, this tradition is extended to Malaysia because The One Academy took on the challenge and became the official host of the Genuino Day here.

The Genuino Day at The One Academy began with visitors thronging the booths where drones, 3D printers, photography turntables, moving paper sculptures and a heartbeat-reflecting t-shirt were showcased. Lovers of the tiny but powerful Genuino ranging from amateur users to industry experts gather to share how Genuino functioned in their projects to spark ideas on how else this nifty gadget can be used.

The One Academy Digital Design & Interactive Media Design Course Director Cheang Lin Yew sharing his experience during Genuino Day at The One Academy.

The One Academy Digital Design & Interactive Media Design Course Director Cheang Lin Yew sharing his experience during Genuino Day at The One Academy.

One of the main speakers of the day was The One Academy Digital Media & Interactive Media Design Course Director Cheang Lin Yew who shared his experience while working in Shanghai previously. Coming from an art background, Cheang chose a path that is seldom ventured by his peers because he responded to his pursuit for his passion in art and technology integration, which is a challenging path to embark upon.

Among Lin Yew’s most memorable works was the Tablet Man which was created for Toshiba where he was involved from its conceptualisation to providing tech support for the mascot as it marched along the streets in Singapore. This costume was a complex creation as its main objectives, to boost sales of Toshiba tablets and to create a viral video, required 10 tablets to be dangled onto the costume, thus creating this sophisticated and uniquely eye-catching mascot.

“While sending the prototype upon designing the costume to factories would have been the easier and more convenient option, we chose to work on it ourselves instead as we would get full control of the process, save cost and also time. It was one of the most satisfying projects that I’ve accomplished so far throughout my career,” said Cheang who further explained the technicalities and challenges he faced while executing the project.

Also in the sharing session was his diploma student from The One Academy Multimedia Design, Digital Media & Interactive Design Charmange Yee. Charmange, who created a t-shirt which can light up according to the rhythm of its wearer’s heartbeat, displayed her tee on a mannequin to demonstrate how technology made the end results of her project possible.

“Creating the Pulsing Shirt has been quite a task for me because of various factors that I did not foresee but I am grateful that I’m able to pull through this project with the help of my friends,” said Charmange who elaborated on the process of making the shirt including cutting waterproof LED strips, putting together a wiring diagram and bumping up its voltage from 9 volts to 12 volts, while narrating how the planning and purchase of materials took a much longer time, leaving her with less time to put together the tee.

The One Academy Interactive Media Design degree student Alvin sharing his experience while making the shadow box for ‘LifeScape’.

The One Academy Interactive Media Design degree student Alvin sharing his experience while making the shadow box for ‘LifeScape’.

Besides Charmange, The One Academy Interactive Media Design degree students Alvin Lau and Michelle Oui also had the opportunity to share their experience from a recent project. They, along with their other team members, impressed their visitors in a Shakespeare exhibition recently with ‘LifeScape’, a project commissioned by The British Council. ‘Lifescape’ was inspired by the famous Shakespeare’s poetry ‘All the World’s A Stage’ which depicts 7 stages of life while its design , which consists of a series of shadow boxes, was influenced by Shakespeare’s prose ‘Life’s a Brief Candle’. The shadow boxes encase moving paper sculptures that light up brightly when the installed sensors detect a stationary hand.

During their sharing session, Alvin and Michelle from Team Recital, as they were known in the Shakespeare project, involved a series of complicated steps including cutting their paper sculpture with a laser cutting machine loaned from Selangor IT & E-Commerce Council, manipulating complex codings and tidying up an overwhelming number of crisscrossing wires during the project’s execution.

Genuino Day ended with talks by Stanley Siow from SVT Maker, whose most outstanding works include Bolt, an extravagant infrastructure of lights that was strategically located at the Marina Bay Sands, shared his vast experience when dealing with Genuino while Shee Tze Jin from Selangor IT & E-Commerce Council introduced several workstations venues perfect for Genuino enthusiasts such as a maker space at iCity, Shah Alam and Magic, Cyberjaya which have opened their spaces to the public for a fee while providing sufficient tools that can help to accomplish Genuino projects.

Genuino Day, organised by The One Academy’s School of Multimedia, Digital Design & Interactive Media Design, was indeed an eye-opening learning experience that became a meeting point between users and experts.

This is on par with The One Academy’s commitment to its ‘Masters Train Masters’ coaching philosophy which has been practised for over 25 years where industry leaders teach the younger generation their experience . As one of the leading creative institutions in the country, The One Academy continues to provide continues to nurture its students passionately by providing diploma and degree courses namely Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Digital Animation with Game Development, Multimedia Design with Digital Media & Interactive Design, and Film Visual Effects, Illustration, Movie & Game Art, Fine Arts and ESMOD Fashion Design & Pattern Making.

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