GMI Students Community Services Program- Engineering with Heart

Street Reading

KAJANG, 20 October 2014German-Malaysian Institute not only equipped GMI students with latest technology in Engineering but also to instill its students with soft-skills and community service. GMI English Language Club (ELC) was founded since 2009. Since that, ELC has organized activities that helped students improved their language proficiency. In the month of September 2014, a trilogy of ELC events has the aim for integrating Students and Community for charity/voluntarily work.

GMI Charity Drama Night was on 18 September 2014, the night started by a medley from the group “Prince Charming”. The highlight of the Drama Night was performance by the Victoria Institution Drama Club lead by Ms Shanti Purushothman. The much awaited Play was titled “Squatter tiger, leaper goat”. The children of Desa Amal Jireh who are the guests of honour for the night also enjoyed the performance by the 15 talented actors. The night ends with a mesmerizing performance by the group “Box for Letters”. It was GMI students’ first exposure to Plays and Art performance at the campus ground. The students also sold cupcakes and the collection was for charity.

GMI Drama Workshop was held on 20 September 2014 at Gmi AFSA Auditorium at 2pm. The aim is to instill the interest in drama & arts. The invited participants are children from Desa Amal Jerih. Our Speaker is the talented and well-experienced director/producer Dominic Lucien. He conducted a session where participations are taught on vocal and facial expressions skills in acting. He also sang as requested by students. The workshop received sponsorship from Juara Cahaya Sarawak Shd Bhd and Taska Bintang Intelek. Each of the participants also received a file and bracelet loom (made and donated by Harith Syahmi and friends). The students also learnt it is not easy to organize events and acquiring sponsorship. It was truly a holistic learning experience for GMI students.

ELC/Buku Jalanan – Street Reading is a program to inculcate reading into society. In the cyber era, books have evolved in to digital form from e-books to e-journal.  This program wants to promote books, comic and reading. The students did a campaign within GMI with a “donate a book campaign”. They also received a generous donation of books from Mr Abd Jamal – Bacalah Book Shop. The group Maverick gave a personal donation of rm1000 to purchase books, banner and plastic container to store the donated materials. The street reading was held at Taman Tasik Cempaka where the public was treated to busking, giant balloons display, free books & magazines and story book reading session for children.

The three events taught the students the value of teamwork, hardwork and community service. They went around searching for charity program, shelters and companies for sponsorship. It was certainly eye-opening o the GMI students in contributing to society and doing volunteering. It is hope that GMI graduates will go on to pay it forward when they graduated and goes into working life. GMI graduates are truly engineer’s with big heart.

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