We all have a dream, what’s yours?

If your dream is to make the world beautiful through design, then we can help you start living your dream. Visit Raffles Kuala Lumpur campus on Saturday 28th May from 11am-2pm and participate in these fun activities to unleash your creative spirit.

Experience the wonder of Interactive Multimedia Design as we walk you through the processes of how games and big-budget 3D animation and Visual Effects in films are produced. We’ll show you how to create your very own animated character, then using green screen, place you in the scene with your creation and we’ll upload it to Youtube for all your friends to see.

Folded into Shape
Using the Japanese art of Origami, create your very own fashion pieces from paper. Whether it’s a dress, top, pant, shoes or handbag, you create the shape and style that reflects your unique fashion taste. When you are done add your creations to our giant T- WISH wall.

Fill a Creative Director’s Shoes
Would you like to create your very own fashion campaign like the ones featured in your favourite fashion magazines? Be a Creative Director of a fashion house for a day and develop your own fashion print advertisement. Be guided by our Fashion Marketing students as you follow the steps to understand your brand image and target audience, then choose and style a model for your photo shoot. Complete the layout with text and we’ll print the finished ad for you to take home.

Jewellery Symposium
In less than 2 years of launching Malaysia’s first and only Bachelor of Design (Jewellery Design) our students have crafted stunning pieces of jewellery, inspired by such things as self discovery, romance and even Malaysia’s favourite past time – Food! Explore the intricate details of each piece and enjoy the humour that is reflected in the work. Talk to the designers who will be on hand to share their passion and experience.

A Day in the Life of an Interior Designer
Get a complete interactive tour in ‘the making of an Interior Designer’ through 3 fun workshop stations. Station 1 provides hands-on experience on the design process, where you get a feel of the tools of the trade of an interior designer. Station 2 reveals the rewarding opportunities that lie in your future as an interior designer. Then see the practical applications of interior design at our SHOWROOM.

I Am Not a Sheep
Who are you? The purpose of this exercise is to analyze who you are and how you apply (creatively) your personality onto paper craft. You’ll have 15 minutes to explore your deepest thoughts and emotions about who you are. Before starting, however, you might have to spend some time looking at yourself in a mirror, thinking about yourself, and imagining others see you. It all sounds too heavy for a Saturday activity, but don’t worry its fun and simple. Though it sounds like an experiment in psychology it is actually a form of visual communication or graphic design.

A short play by our Psychology students depicting how abnormal behavior was treated in the middle ages, namely with open burnings (bring marsh mellows) and exorcisms.

What Am I?
Determine what kind of job/work environment would be suitable for you through our online quiz and get your results instantly.

For more information please call us at 2164 1059 or visit www.raffles.edu.my

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