New Cloakwork Street Art Around London

Fantastic collaboration with SPZero76 in this table tennis themed delight.

Over the first couple of weeks at the beginning of August London was host to visiting Malaysian Graffiti Artist Cloakwork, who whilst over left London with some eight excellent character works – seven of which we have below to share with you. Of himself Cloakwork states that the name derives from how ‘Cloak’ represents the stealth and hidden dynamic to him normally painting at night back in his resident Malaysia and ‘Work’ represents the movement and energy involved. Certainly busy on his stint in London which was the concluding leg of his 6 month travels through Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia and finally England. An absolute pleasure to see these fantastic characters heavily influenced by the traditions of Graffiti and illustration, all the more so for the sense of fun and play within each scene and character Cloakwork created around North, South and East London. Additionally we would like to say thanks to Cloakwork for coming to paint for us in Croydon (Additional thanks to Fanakapan for the hook up), happy travels and we hope to see you in London again soon.

Work in Shoreditch alongside Tizer.

Work in Shoreditch alongside Tizer.

Work in Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green.

Work in Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green.

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