New Corporate Identity

As of 1 July 2010, AusEd-UniEd will be known officially as AUG (AusEd UniEd Group). This new corporate identity will help integrate the fast growing businesses under the new AUG brand name including, AusEd, UniEd, SchoolEd and Bond and Forsyth. These individual entities have matured as a business and will sit more suitably under one brand name – AUG.

As our business have developed and grown over the past 15 years, this corporate renaming will provide a simple and uncomplicated message across different markets. Our company, our team, our services and our mission of serving and prioritising our students have not changed; this is truly more of a creative/visual/branding initiative. Our company legal entity name of AusEd-UniEd will remain the same. AUG is confident that the new corporate renaming scheme will successfully position our company as a world’s leading recruitment agency in the international education market. Although AusEd-UniEd already has a strong, relevant and underlying differentiation, this rebranding exercise is to reflect what the company is already doing, but in a more compelling, persuasive and proactive manner.

As part of this new corporate renaming strategy, we will be releasing a new look to the logo and a fresh tagline – AUG | Global Network:

The new logo will still incorporate the AusEd-UniEd logos with it as they are the brand that our students and representatives are very familiar with. The new logo simply substantiates the expansion and continued growth of the company. This new look will align with the company’s upcoming international marketing and promotional campaign starting in July 2010. We will be rolling out our

new corporate identity strategy over the course of several months from here forth.

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