New generation foreign actors Local theatre is down-to-earth

(6 June 2016, Monday) The local English and Chinese theatre scene has recently seen a number of new actors. To find out more about what types of views and new ideas do they have about the development and future of the local theatre scene, Lianhe Zaobao spoke to three theatre practitioners from China, Australia and Taiwan.

One of these was 21-year-old Xie Yixuan, who is currently a Theatre student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Yixuan, who is originally from Guangzhou, came to Singapore in October 2009, and participated in drama club activities during secondary school, where his teacher found that he had a talent for acting and encouraged him to apply at NAFA.

Yixuan shared that he enjoys both acting and watching plays, regardless of whether they are Singapore, Guangzhou or Hong Kong performances. Comparing the features of the three, he said, “The content of many Chinese works deviate from the real-life and can come across as high-brow; Singapore’s reflect life experiences and are closer to the average viewer.”

The article also featured 25-year-old Mitchell Lagos, a Musical Theatre alumnus from Lasalle College of the Arts.

Media: Lianhe Zaobao, ZbNow, Page 1

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南洋艺术学院 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

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