Nottingham Info Day

nottingham info day

日期:13th August 2011 (Saturday),10am – 3pm
电话号码: 03-89248000
电子邮件: [email protected]

详情敬请游览我们的网址 或致电 :03-89248000。

We warmly welcome you to our Campus Info Day which dated 13th August 2011 (Saturday), so you can find out more about study opportunities and enjoy our university environment which will give you a glimpse into the student-life on campus.

Please bring along your academic results and speak with our academic counselors on the courses offered. The events and activities are included:

Info Day (10am – 3pm):

  • Find out the courses and scholarships available
  • Meet with our academic counselors
  • Campus tour
  • Lab tour
  • Accommodation tour
  • Speak to our existing students about university experiences

Talks/Lab Demo:

  • Psychology Talk: “How to Read People’s Minds” ~ speak by Prof Peter Mitchell, Director of Studies, School of Psychology
  • Faculty of Science talk: “Becoming a science graduate in a Nobel Prize winning Faculty” ~ speak by Prof Peter Mitchell, Dean of Faculty of Science
  • EEG lab demo: Device for measuring activity in the cortex of the brain ~ demo by Dr Kirsten Joy McKenzie, Assistant Professor, School of Psychology
  • “Studying the Environment” ~ speak by Prof Michael Steven
  • “What Kind of University will I be joining?” ~ speak by Prof Neville Wylie, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • “Studying International Relations at the University” ~ speak by Prof Neville Wylie, School of Politics, History and International Relations
  • “Applying Economics to Real World Problems: Military Technology and Economic Growth” ~ speak by Dr Jimmy Teng, Assistant Professor, School of Economics
  • “Applying Economics to Real World Problems: A Beauty Contest Show Case” ~ speak by Dr Daniel Schoch, Assistant Professor, School of Economics
  • “Why Electrical Engineering?” ~ speak by Prof Dino Isa, Director of Studies; Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • “Sponsorship and Financial Assistance Available” ~ Amy Han

Come and experience what the University can bring to you and your opportunities to study an UK education in Malaysia.

Thank you and hope to see you.

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