Nurturing the Communicator of Tomorrow

Communication is becoming one of the most sought after programmes as the skills obtained through the programme can be applied to a variety of careers. Therefore, graduates with communication majors need not worry what to do after they graduate since they can choose their desired jobs in a variety of fields including business, education, public relations, media and advertising. These graduates will be well equipped with excellent skills in public speaking, presentation, writing and negotiations.

At Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL), the Faculty of Arts, Communication and Education (FACE) offers programmes in communications. FACE recognises the need for professionals with dynamic communication skills as well as effective teaching skills to support today’s corporate, business and education sectors. Our programmes are designed with a genuine understanding to meet industry requirements for highly professional personnel in various fields. The programmes offered are versatile and support a vast range of career prospects.

Corporate Communication
Corporate Communication is one of the most popular fields of study favoured by students. If one is interested in the public relation industry and finds it exciting to meet new people and build relationships, then this is the programme that will help you to that route.

IUKL offers the Diploma in Corporate Communication and Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Corporate Communication. These programmes prepare students with extensive theoretical and practical skills of corporate communication such as organizational communication, managerial communication, and crisis management which would equip students to communicate across borders. This programme is designed to give students the extra edge in their careers. Graduates will not only be able to build relationships but also sustain good rapport.

Integrated Marketing Communication
Marketing Communication is another interesting field for those who are into advertising, promotions, branding, and direct marketing. The Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Integrated Marketing Communication trains students for a career in the marketing communication field. Students who graduate with this qualification will be able to design marketing communication campaigns that will spark interest and generate awareness about brands and products. Students will be armed with the knowledge of the various types of marketing communication tactics and strategies, from basic publicity to the use of viral marketing. In addition, this programme provides students with the opportunity to develop problem-solving and analytical skills to seek new and innovative solutions in integrating marketing communication functions.

Graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills needed to pursue a variety of careers in different fields such as Business, Marketing or Communications, Public Relations and Advertising. Business and the working world is continually changing. Thus there will always be new products to work on, needing fresh ideas and campaigns to market. Communication will remain an essential part of both business and personal interactions. This programme is a wise choice for those who want to engage in more than one aspect of the business world.

English for Professional Communication
If one has a passion for writing, editing or journalism, this is the best programme for them. This field is exciting and promising but it can also be challenging due to the high level of competition.

At IUKL, students can pursue a Diploma in English for Professional Communication or Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English for Professional Communication. These programmes prepare students with oral and written language skills for successful communication. Students will be trained to synthesise strategies for problem-solving and apply analytical skills in designing, composing, and evaluating various types of discourses. They are also introduced to ethical principles that govern the profession. Once they graduate, they will be able to communicate effectively in a professional capacity.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Teaching is a profession that needs excellent communication skills. One may have a deep interest in English but the ability to teach the language to others requires certain skills.

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages programme is designed to prepare ESL educators who are theoretically informed and practically equipped, caring, committed and competent to teach English at various levels. The graduates of this programme will be capable of using their knowledge of the current trends in language teaching, apply creative approaches to teaching and problem-solving and integrate computer skills in classroom teaching.

Quality and recognized programmes
Having been in the education industry for more than 15 years, IUKL has been providing quality education and excellent professional services in various fields. IUKL was rated as an “Excellent” (Tier 5) full-fledged university in the 2011 & 2013 MQA Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (SETARA’11). IUKL offers programmes that are highly sought after by the industry such as Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Quantity Surveying, Business, Accounting, Information Technology, Corporate Communications, English Language Studies and Biotechnology. Equipped with other programmes such as Water and Wastewater, Geomatics, Landscape Architecture, Property Management, Information Systems, Multimedia, Software Engineering, Agriculture and Sports Management, IUKL provides a learning space for students to prepare for a bright future. This is evidenced by the 90% employment rate of IUKL graduates within 6 months.

Programmes offered at IUKL are approved by the Ministry of Education and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and recognised and accredited by professional bodies both in Malaysia and abroad, including the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), Washington Accord, the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM), the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM), ACCA, CIMA and CPA Australia. Links to foreign universities is also provided through IUKL’s cooperation with universities in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, China, The Netherlands and Germany.

You can become a student at IUKL with only RM100! Scholarships and Tuition Fee Waiver of up to 60% are offered to students who excel in their studies. Study loans from PTPTN, MARA and Yayasan Negeri are also available. For more information call 1-800-88-STUDY (78839) or visit our website at

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