Raffles College of Higher Education’s 26th Graduation Fashion Show and Exhibition

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Winner for Best Collection - Daniel Lau

The Senses That Grasp All Experiences in the World

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 October 2011 – Raffles College of Higher Education presented Senses – 26th Graduation Fashion Show and Exhibition at the J.W. Marriott recently.

The senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching are our window to the world. It enables us to understand and process our environment. Without the five senses the world around us would still seem flat, would lack colour, and would not be imbued with memory receptors or perceptual depth. It is an artist’s senses that provide a world of inspiration and the public the insight to appreciate and support their creative endeavours. The theme challenged the graduates to utilise their senses to develop a narrative collection that spoke of this fundamental human ability.

The graduation featured works from Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Interactive Media Design and Visual Communication. Fashion collections were sculptural and provocative but all shared an attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Three Fashion Marketing and Management teams had carefully researched and developed a product or service with the aim of launching it into market. Each team built a concept store at the event where they made their final presentation to the judges. Interior Design’s projects reflected a vision transforming the hotel’s exhibition and runway space in line with the theme. Our Jewellery Designers brought to their collections a unique style and interpretation of personal reflection. Interactive Media Design showcased their ability to communicate ideas through film and the Web while the Visual Communication graduates continued to hold our attention with inspired visuals.

During the convocation ceremony, a total of 14 awards were presented by Raffles College of Higher Education to its Top Students for Academic Achievement and Final Project Awards in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Interactive Media and Visual Communication to complete their Bachelor of Design.

Top Student Awards for Academic Achievement
This award was presented to graduates that had constantly received the highest marks in his/her programme. The recipients were:
1. Daniel Lau Wee Liang – Fashion Design
2. Ngan Chee Hao – Interior Design
3. Nicole Chin Ye Wei – Visual Communication
4. Ahmad Dandarawi Bin Jawawi – Interactive Media Design
5. Foong Hin Sang – Jewellery Design
6. Wang Chin Rou – Fashion Marketing and Management

Final Project Awards
For Fashion Design, the Award Winners were:
• Daniel Lau for Best Collection
• Alyssa Lee – 1st Runner-Up for Best Collection
• Eka Nazhwa – 2nd Runner-Up for Best Collection

Award Winners for our other programmes:
• Tan Yi Ru – Best Stage & Exhibition Award – Interior Design
• Nicole Chin Ye Wei – Best Display Award – Visual Communication
• Parvati Govind Sivan – Best Display and Movie Trailer – Interactive Media Design
• Hansen Foong – Best Collection Award – Jewellery Design
• Evelyn Goh Pei Yen, Latin Vsevolod, Lisa Chee Siau Pei, Aisya Hanem, Nima Zoghi and Suwanky of Aicha – Best Group Project Award – Fashion Marketing & Management

Raffles College

Ouroboros by Daniel Lau

Raffles College

Ouroboros collection by Daniel Lau

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