Second in National Chem-E Car Poster Competition

It was a crowning moment for a team of UTAR students from the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology (FEGT) to win the second prize in the 12th National Chem-E Car Competition 2017 for the Poster Presentation category held at the Universiti Malaysia Pahang in Gambang Campus from 07 to 08 April 2017.

The team comprised of Petrochemical Engineering students Cheng Yi Sheng and Chong Choon Keat; and Electronic Engineering student Tan Mun Hoi. The team led by team advisors-cum-lecturers from FEGT Dr Leong Siew Yoong and Dr Gobi Kanadasan, walked away with a silver plaque.

Chem-E Car Competition is an annual university competition organised by the Chemical Engineering Technical Division (CETD) of the Institutions of Engineers of Malaysia (IEM). The competition was divided into two categories, namely car performance and poster presentation.

For the car performance category, the students were required to design and construct a shoebox-sized car that is powered by a chemical energy source. The car must be able to traverse to a specified distance and hit a golf ball towards a goal post or bowling pins while carrying a certain load of water.

The car performance was judged based on the combination of completion of the predefined tasks, design creativity and issues related to safety, environment and health. This hands-on competition was aimed to train and develop innovative, competitive and resourceful engineers for our future.

However, the poster presentation category in which UTAR won the second prize were judged based on its eye catching traits as well as inclusion of appropriate and right information including the description of the prototype, its energy balances and chemical reactions as well as its safety information.

Team leader, Cheng said, “We joined this competition to challenge ourselves in terms of being creative and applying fundamental knowledge in Chemistry. After a thorough discussions among the team members and advisors, we came up with the usage of ‘thermoelectric generator’ (TEG) as the power source for the car that we used. I believe that the intense discussion among the team members has pushed our creativity to the next level. In addition to our discussion, our team advisors have contributed in terms of providing technical feedback while preparing the poster.”

“Our hard work for the past three months has paid off and I hope that this achievement would become the stepping stone for us to become the champion in the future. We will work harder and smarter to fulfil the criteria in next year’s competition,” said another participant, Chong.

Another participant, Tan enthused, “Though I have a different background from my team members, I was able to contribute towards the project. This project has some elements related to Electronic Engineering and I am happy that I could contribute my knowledge in this project.”

Dr Leong commented, “The team members have shown good commitment while preparing for this competition. Their success in getting the second prize in this competition is a reward for their hard work and dedication. This success should inspire the next batch of students to do well in the forthcoming competitions. I am sure that with commitment, our students could compete with the cream of the crop in this country. I am happy that I was able to contribute in terms of sharing technical knowledge with this group of students.”

“This competition gave a good exposure to the students about applying the theoretical knowledge in real life. I sincerely believe that this group of students has shown the ability to think out of the box in this competition. To achieve the second place in the poster competition when competing against 90 teams all over the Asian countries is not an easy feat. This achievement is a testament to the quality of the students that UTAR is producing over the years. I hope this achievement would be better in the coming years,” said Dr Gobi.

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