Students plant vegetables to promote green lifestyle

Students plant vegetables to promote green lifestyle

Members of Curtin Leo Club and CEC painting the raised garden bed before planting.

Miri – 12 April 2013 – The Curtin Leo Club and Curtin Environmental Club (CEC) of Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) jointly organised a vegetable planting project to promote the green lifestyle among students and staff of the university recently.

The project, which was carried out at the Leo Garden at the university, was initiated by Sam Tze Mun, 23, director of the Leo Garden project; Marco Tie Hieng Lee, 25, president of Curtin Leo Club; and Han Yi Chiew, 20, president of the CEC.

The Leo Garden is an 875 sq. ft. mini garden created and maintained by the Curtin Leo Club since 2011 as part of its campus beautification project, as well as to create more conducive outdoor learning spaces for students.

Currently, the thriving garden near the campus’ food court features more than 31 species of plants, including Cancaviera, Coctus, Zeprenthus and Ixora, as well as different types of grass like Pearl Grass and Philippine Grass.

Students plant vegetables to promote green lifestyle

Han and Tie posing at the Leo Garden after the vegetable planting activity.

According to Sam, members of the Curtin Leo Club are constantly enhancing the garden with more plants and flowers, and are now adding vegetables and possibly herbs and fruits as well. He is glad that members of the CEC will now also tend the garden.

“The Curtin Leo Club and CEC have agreed on a roster assigning members of both clubs to water the plants and vegetables regularly,” she said.

“We got together to construct a raised garden bed for us to cultivate sweet potato leaves. We hope they grow well,” said Tie.

Meanwhile, Han said that the CEC’s joining hands with the Curtin Leo Club on this project opens the door for many more joint green-related projects in the future. He added that it was a pleasure working with fellow students that share a passion for preserving the environment.

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