Talk on travel and literature

The talk successfully attracted a crowd of more than 100 participants.
Well-known international advertiser Vancelee Teng.

Well-known international advertiser Vancelee Teng.

Vancelee Teng was invited by the Institute of Chinese Studies’ (ICS) Chinese Arts Unit and Malaysian Chinese and Cultural Studies Unit to present a talk titled “Travel and Literature (光影中的文学意境:发现旅行·发现美)” at Kampar Campus on 9 November 2016.

The talk aimed to provide a better understanding of the connection between travel and literature, and successfully attracted a crowd of more than 100 participants. Guests present at the talk were ICS Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes-cum-Chairperson for Centre for Chinese Studies Assoc Prof Dr Wong Wun Bin, Head of Chinese Arts Research Unit-cum-ICS Deputy Dean for Student Development and Industrial Training Dr Lim Chee Mun, and Head of Department of Chinese Studies Toh Teong Chuan.

Teng is a well-known international advertiser and former CEO for Publicis Bangkok. During the introductory session, Toh shared on Teng’s life experiences and achievements. His advertising work has won at various international and local creative awards, included France’s Cannes Award, England’s London International Awards, US’s Art Director Club Awards, Clio Awards, Communication Arts Awards, One Show Awards and New York Festivals Awards, Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards, Thailand’s BAD, TACT and ADman Creative Awards, and Italy’s AD Spot Award. It is worth mentioning that he was also named as one of Thailand’s top ten creative people in 2004, and among the world’s top three most frequently winning art directors from 2005 to 2010 as selected by GRAPHICS creative magazine.

His advertising career was previously based in Thailand and focused on the English market. He decided to return to Malaysia nearly two years ago. He began work on his book after being inspired by his publisher friend whom suggested he write a book based on his life, travel experiences and knowledge, intending to influence and inspire his readers.

This was his first time conducting a literary talk. “The talk will focus on my travel experiences and cultural spirit, leading the audience into the literary atmosphere through photography.” Unlike his previous talks which focused on advertising and photography, he provided the audience a different perspective on the link between travel and literature.
As a travel lover he said, “There is a lot of beautiful scenery during our journeys, so what you should do is use your eye and heart to see and observe, rather than just busy yourself with taking photos. Beauty is vitality and comes from the depths of your heart, and the most important thing is that your heart must be calm before any appreciation of scenery, because the reflection will only appear in a clear calm lake.”

He showed a series of photos taken during his journeys to Petra, Osaka, Tokyo, Spain, Prague, Easter Island, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Angkor Wat. The photos demonstrated the interplay of light and shadow, illustrating the literary atmosphere and inspiring the audience much.

During the Q&A session, the audience asked questions related to cameras, pixels, photo editing and photography skills. The talk ended with an autograph session.

Dr Wong presenting a token of appreciation to Teng, while Dr Lim looks on.

Dr Wong presenting a token of appreciation to Teng, while Dr Lim looks on.

Teng signing an autograph.

Teng signing an autograph.

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