Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) Malaysia’s leading technical university

Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL), Malaysia’s leading technical university, aims to provide all graduates with the knowledge, skills and the attitude required to excel in a globalised and knowledge-based-economy. UniKL’s vision is to become the leading entrepreneurial technical university by 2020 through achieving excellence in research, training, entrepreneurial-ship, consultancy and community services.

Programmes and Specialisation
“One Institute, One Specialisation”, a UniKL concept, contributes to research and development for commercialisation purposes. Offering more than 130 programmes in foundation, diploma, undergraduates and postgraduates, UniKL is made up of 14 institutes with 12 branch campuses located all over peninsular Malaysia.

The Student Experience
The students are the most valuable assets. Hence, we provide various interactive courses to ensure our students’ development. These programmes are to prepare students to be well-equipped with the relevant skills and be market-ready to face the future.
The impressive array of learning facilities available in UniKL are testament to UniKL’s commitment to excellence. The learning facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to create an environment that replicates the real working world.

Campus Lifestyle
‘Feels Like Home’ is how students describe their feelings about their experience at UniKL. UniKL offers a unique combination of high academic standards and prime location with ease of access to the city centre. Our role is to offer quality student-specific services to enable them to succeed intellectually and socially during their college life.

Student Activities
UniKL believes in the holistic approach of creating an all-rounded individual. Student activities and organisations are an important part of a complete university education. Students may participate in the numerous clubs and organisations available at UniKL including social and academic clubs. The clubs and societies in UniKL provide an excellent opportunity for students to explore their creativity and potential, be it in the form of arts or sports.

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