UTAR students collaborate with local council for a greener future

The organising committee with the VIPs (seventh from left) Hew, Dr Kwan, Lim, Wa and Masriza during the press conference.

KAMPAR, 08 June 2017 – The Built Environment Society (BES) of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Kampar Campus teams up with the Kampar District Council (Majlis Daerah Kampar, MDKpr) and the Persatuan Kuasa Hijau Kampar (Green Power) for the first time to launch a two-day environmental awareness campaign titled “AVENIR – The Future” from 8 to 9 July 2017.

To be held in conjunction with the state’s “Perak Yang Bersih” campaign, one of AVENIR’s highlights is the effective microorganism (EM) mud ball project where there will be mud ball making and throwing sessions open to the public. The opening ceremony will be held at the Kampar Basketball Association Basketball Court in Kampar’s old town.

“Our main objective is to raise environmental awareness among the public and enable more people to understand the use of EM mud balls in purifying the lake, sea, river or ponds,” said AVENIR Organising Chairperson Lim Wei Shen in a press conference held on 6 June 2017. According to the Construction Management student, the fact that only a handful of people understand how mud balls help in water purification prompted him and his team to try to popularise the knowledge of EM mud balls through education.

Lim guiding the school students in making the mud balls.

The organising committee’s effort to heighten the awareness of EM mud balls usage was further intensified through their visit to eight primary and secondary schools in Kampar. Through the visits, environmental talks were delivered and mud ball making workshops were held, thus deepening the students’ understanding about the importance of preserving the environment and also the effectiveness of EM mud balls.

“The programme served as a platform to enrich the participants’ knowledge on the purpose of EM mud balls, the making process, and the immense benefits to lake rehabilitation EM mud balls give. Mud balls are very easy to make and are widely used to clean polluted waterways because they will inhibit the growth of algae and break down any sludge and silt in the water. As of today, we have successfully produced a total of 13,000 mud balls to be thrown into the lake of Kampar Old Town,” said AVENIR Advisor Dr Kwan Wai Hoe.

“It’s heartening to see such concerted efforts aimed to raise awareness on the use of EM mud balls in purifying our lakes and in helping to preserve the existing ecosystem. Such a community project reflects the students’ community engagement efforts in helping to preserve the environment,” said YDP Khairul Amir in his press statement.

Lim said that the funds raised throughout the campaign will be channelled to AVENIR’s sole beneficiary partner, World Vision Malaysia’s Water & Healthcare Project.

According to Lim, “Avenir” means “the future” in French, which echoes the campaign’s wish to spread the message to the public to take care of the environment for the sake of our future generation.

The two-day environmental campaign will also see a line-up of activities which include exhibitions, colouring competition for students, tug-of-war competition, plastic and polystyrene-free trade bazaar and others to be held at Kampar new town’s Sports Complex.

Also present at the press conference were MDKpr Environmental Health Officer Masriza binti Lazarous representing Council President Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir, Grand Kampar Hotel Director Hew Fen Yee and President of Persatuan Hijau Kuasa Kampar (Green Power) Daniel Wa Wai How.

Grand Kampar Hotel is the strategic partner for AVENIR.

School students trying their own hands in making the mud balls.

EM mud balls.

拉曼大学 Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

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