Veteran designers hold on to local fashion

(29 July 2016, Friday) The rise of fast fashion brands, luxury brands and new trends have affected local designers. While young designers and experienced designers alike are finding it difficult to sustain their trade, several designers who made a name for themselves in the 1970s and 1980s have not stopped working, and have held on to local fashion. Lianhe Zaobao spoke to several veteran designers, who shared about their decades of fashion experience.

Thomas Wee and Peter Kor start out again
Designers Thomas Wee and Peter Kor are among the first generation of local fashion designers. Wee had previously worked in Shanghai, before returning to Singapore where he began teaching at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Working together with local fashion director Daniel Boey, he came back as a designer during the 2008 Audi Fashion Festival. He also presented collections at the Digital Fashion Week 2014 and Fashion Steps Out at Orchard earlier in March this year. Peter Kor’s business had been hit hard by the financial crisis of 1997, and was later closed down. He relocated to Beijing as a fashion consultant, before returing to Singapore where he set up the Peter Kor brand in 2005.

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南洋艺术学院 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

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