Visit from Infineon Technologies AG

Prof Chuah (left) showing a model of UTAR Perak Campus to the visitors while Tun Ling (fifth from left) looks on

Prof Chuah (left) showing a model of UTAR Perak Campus to the visitors while Tun Ling (fifth from left) looks on

A group of senior management leaders of the OP Board Members from Infineon Technologies AG visited UTAR Campus in Kampar, Perak on 14 April 2015.

The guests from Infineon Germany were led by their President of Operations Mr Schiefer Peter. They were accompanied by Infineon (Kulim) Director of Technology Mr Tan Soon Keong, and Infineon Corporate Vice President and Head of Operations Backend Mr Ng Kok Tiong. Also present were UTAR Council Chairman Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik, UTAR Council member Hew Fen Yee, UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik, and UTAR staff.

In his welcome remarks, Prof Chuah thanked the guests for allocating some time to visit UTAR despite their hectic schedule. He said, “We are incredibly honoured and privileged to welcome the OP Board members of Infineon Technologies AG to UTAR today. UTAR and Infineon signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2011, and it was renewed in 2014. It is very important for UTAR to continue to work closely with industry partners like Infineon for our graduates to get the right exposure before they graduate. This collaboration with Infineon Technologies has been a very active one with numerous events and activities ranging from industry talks, study tours and student award to internships, career day and joint international study programme with Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) Regensburg. ”

Prof Chuah thanked Infineon for facilitating student exchanges between UTAR and universities in Germany, and expressed hope that Infineon will continue to support the University in its endeavour for closer links with the industry and internationalisation.

Addressing the crowd, Mr Schiefer said, “I would like to thank UTAR for giving us this opportunity to visit UTAR Perak Campus today. UTAR and Infineon have a very fruitful collaboration and we are looking forward to more collaboration opportunities in the future.”

He added, “Infineon has a huge commitment in Malaysia with plants in Kulim, Kedah and in Malacca. There are a lot of growths coming up for Infineon and we need young graduates to support our growth in Malaysia.”

Apart from the engineering programmes in UTAR, Mr Schiefer also applauded UTAR’s effort in offering the UTAR Soft Skills Development and Certification (USSDC) programmes. He said, “Soft skills are very important in our industry. Engineers need to be equipped with soft skills to complement their technical knowledge in order to thrive in the industry.”

Following the remarks by Prof Chuah and Mr Schiefer was the exchange of mementos between UTAR and Infineon. Tun Ling and Mr Schiefer presented the mementos on behalf of UTAR and Infineon respectively. Before leaving UTAR, the visitors embarked on a campus tour accompanied by Tun Ling and Prof Chuah.

Infineon Technologies is a leading semiconductor company providing innovative semiconductor solutions for energy efficiency, mobility and security. It has a network of offices, assembly and test facilities worldwide. Infineon Technologies Malaysia has more than 40 years of presence in Malaysia with both Frontend Wafer Fabrication and Backend Assembly and Test Facilities and close to 10,000 work force in the country.

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