Exploring Possibilities Learning How to Use Qualitative Interviewing in Research

(11th January 2017) QIUP MBA students recently took part in a seminar on Qualitative Interviewing Methods, where Dr Jeffrey Yee, the Head of the MBA Programme, was one of the seminar speakers. The seminar was the outcome of a newly-formed and on-going collaboration between QIUP’s Faculty of Business, Management and Social Sciences and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS’ (UTP) Department of Management and Humanities.

The seminar proved beneficial from several aspects. Firstly, participants were exposed to qualitative methods and the ways in which it complements quantitative ones. Second and relatedly, participants had a first-hand experience attempting to carry out (mock) qualitative interviews. Thirdly, and because learning is social, QIUP MBA students had the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with postgraduate students from another academic institution.

On the whole, the seminar was very well received. One participant complimented the running of the seminar saying, “I think I can’t imagine it to be better. Really enjoyed it and highly encourage it to be organized again in the future.” Another participant complimented the seminar speakers because the participant found that “(a)ll the speakers relate(d) the course with real case/situation and even relate(d) the course with their previous/own research, which is very, very, very useful and helpful for me to grasp what qualitative study is about.”

This seminar forms part of the activities that MBA students can engage in throughout the course of their study, which are aimed at enriching minds, engaging hearts and empowering lives.

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