1 Stone Kills 3 Birds – STUDY, WORK & QUALIFY

1 Stone Kills 3 Birds - STUDY, WORK & QUALIFY

IMPERIA Institute of Technology (IMPERIA) will be launching a FULL TIME Evening & Weekend classes for the Diploma in Estate Management course.

Students who pursue this programme will be given an opportunity to be a “Student Real Estate Negotiator”, they will not only receive practical training from day 1, but they are able to earn some extra money.

The learning method at IMPERIA, brings out the effect of 1 Stone kills 3 Birds, by allowing students to STUDY, at the same time WORK as a student real estate negotiator, and eventually QUALIFY to be a Probationary Real Estate Agent who will then obtain a Real Estate Agency License after completion of 2 years practical experiences and passing the Test of Professional Competency under BoVAEA.

The FULL TIME Evening & Weekend Diploma in Estate Management course is using a TIGHT SANDWICH education system, whereby no other Universities or Colleges are using yet.

Some UK Universities and colleges are offering ‘thin’ or ‘thick’ sandwich 4-year degree courses whereby the courses include a placement year which is ‘sandwiched’ in the middle of the degree. Essentially, the difference is that ‘thin sandwich’ courses tend to involve 2- 6 months shorter work placements (i.e. one in Year 2 and another in Year 3 respectively), while ‘thick sandwich’ courses incorporate a placement that lasts a whole year in Year 3 only.

But the TIGHT SANDWICH system which IMPERIA is currently using basically comprises of study & work that come hand in hand throughout the course. Students get to “work” in the morning, and attend classes in the evening and weekend. With this system, students do not need to wait until the end of the course to gain the practical experience of three to four months only from the real industry itself.

IMPERIA’s Diploma in Estate Management is the first private programme fully accredited by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA).

The graduates are fully exempted from taking the BOVAEA`S written examination and are eligible to be registered as Probationary Estate Agent with BOVAEA upon graduation. After 2 years of professional working experience, the graduates may apply for the Test of Professional Competence (TPC) with BoVAEA. After passing the TPC Interview, they are eligible to register as Registered Estate Agent and become the license holder of an Estate Agency in Malaysia.

This Diploma in Estate Management is also the pathway for graduates to directly enter into the second year of the BSC (HONS) REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT 3+0, a UK Franchised programme of Liverpool John Moores University, UK (LJMU) offered in IMPERIA. With this degree qualification, graduates are eligible to be a probationary real estate agent and/or a probationary valuer, and eventually becoming a Licensed Registered Real Estate Agent cum Registered Valuer.

At IMPERIA, we remain dedicated to continuously improving and excelling in our niche of training and education in these specialist fields. Your search for the best in built environment and real estate management training and education can stop just right here.

The next intake will be commencing on the 25th of August 2014. To apply please visit www.imperia.edu.my/iit or call 03-80816626 for more information.

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