Capturing the spirit of Bhutan

(Monday 22 August 2016)Travelling painter Ang Ah Tee’s latest solo exhibition features the mountainous kingdom, which he visited last year.

Second-generation Singapore artist Ang Ah Tee started travelling to paint almost as soon as he graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Nafa) in 1962.

In April last year, he spent 12 days in the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan, which is near the Himalayas. “It is one place I am very fascinated with and had wanted to visit a long time ago because I was told the people’s spirit shows peace and true happiness,” he explains.

The result of his journey is his latest solo exhibition, titled The Spirit Of Bhutan, which opened last Saturday and features 12 semi representational landscapes in acrylic-on-canvas that he painted soon after his return. The new show at the Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery in Hill Street runs till Aug 29.

Media: ST Life, page D4

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南洋艺术学院 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

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