Non-traditional extra-curricular activities in universities 大学非传统课外活动

(16 March 2016, Wednesday) The article describes how potential students looking to enter tertiary institutions typically pay attention to factors such as the schools’ rankings, and the attractiveness of course content, as compared to extra-curricular activities the schools offer. It looks at some new types of extra-curricular activities that are now available in schools.

In recent years, the National University of Singapore has come up with several interesting CCAs, including a Harry Potter club, and a Makeup and Design Club, which reflects the changing interests of its students. The Makeup and Design Club, which was set up by two of its students, involves 8 to 9 workshop sessions during which members learn about both make-up and fashion design. The club has gotten help from students from NAFA’s Fashion Design course to carry out its design sessions.

Media: Lianhe Zaobao, zbNow, Page 3

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南洋艺术学院 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

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