NST editors relate insights to UTAR students

NST editors relate insights to UTAR students

UTAR students posing with NST newspapers

The Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman hosted an exclusive sharing session with experienced editors and journalists from New Straits Times (NST) at UTAR Perak Campus on 21 February 2013.

The session, attended by more than 100 students from three different courses at FAS, namely, Journalism, Public Relations and English Language have broadened the students’ understanding and perception on journalism as a rewarding profession.
The students gained valuable insights from the presenters/speakers who include NST Executive Editor (News) Yushaimi Yahaya. Also present at the talk were New Sunday Times editor, Chok Suat Ling, Learning Curve editor, Faezah Ismail, and NST Ipoh Bureau Chief, Audrey Dermawan.

Yushaimi described journalism as an interesting and challenging profession. He further highlighted that one need not necessarily be a journalism graduate in order to become a journalist. Graduates from other field of studies such as law, science, medicine and language can also become a journalist if they have passion in writing and news reporting. Yushaimi later unveiled a video presentation in which senior NST journalists shared their experiences with the students via video interview recordings.

Besides the experienced editors, two up-and-coming young journalists from NST also shared their experiences with the students.

Toon Kit Yi, a third year Journalism student, said, “This session is very inspiring and beneficial especially for FAS students who wish to pursue journalism as a career. It gives us a realistic glimpse of what the media industry is all about.”

NST editors relate insights to UTAR students

Yushaimi sharing his knowledge about media with UTAR students

NST editors relate insights to UTAR students

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