Be a wise investor

Be a wise investor

Zulkarnain at the seminar

“Invest for long-term, not for short-term,” said Executive of Investor Education Zulkarnain Zulkifli, an investment education executive from the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), in the ‘Wise Investor Seminar’ held at UTAR Petaling Jaya Campus on 19 February 2013.

He added, “An investor should never try to earn profit in ASAP [as soon as possible] mode, because such an investment does not exist; contrary to that, investors should focus on licensed and legitimate investments in a long-term effort.”
The seminar was held as part of the ‘Kempen Pelabur Bijak Kebangsaan 2012-2013’ initiative, organised by UTAR Department of Student Affairs, Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia and its education arm SIDC to educate the students and staff in layman’s terms on how to invest wisely.

SC serves as the regulator of the Malaysian capital market. It ensures fair and orderly markets and strong investor protection regime, conducts supervision and surveillance of market participants, enforces securities laws and facilitates capital market development.

Zulkarnain said, “A smart investor should always be aware of his or her rights and responsibilities including lodging reports to SC, Central Bank of Malaysia, Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and Bursa Malaysia when they have complaints.
“Investors must rid their minds of investments that sound too good to be true, promise high returns with no risk, limited to only one-time opportunity and take away money quickly as these investments are scams.

“A wise investor must always obtain all necessary information before investing, understanding the investment policy and matching it with their investment objectives and risk profile. They must assure that the investment institutions have valid licenses, with reliable, independent and accurate information provided.”

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