School of Business aims to transfer knowledge to the business community through Innovation Expo

School of Business aims to transfer knowledge to the business community through Innovation Expo

Scene at last year’s Innovation Expo which drew a crowd of thousands.

Miri – 12 September 2013 – In today’s world, the ability to incorporate innovation in their operations has become increasingly important for firms in an ever-changing business environment. Indeed, firms that are able to adopt more efficient business practices can expect to be reasonably better positioned to gain an advantage in their respective markets. As Malaysia strides towards building a knowledge economy, the importance of innovation is ever more crucial for firms to remain competitive and productive.

In line with Curtin University’s commitment to innovation and excellence, the School of Business at Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) will be participating in the annual Innovation Expo during the university’s Curtin Sarawak Open Day this weekend.

The exhibition will showcase the research expertise of various staff of the School of Business. Among others, visitors to the exhibition can learn about the benefits of using activity-based costing, a costing model studied by the Head of the Department of Accounting at the School of Business, Dr Anbalagan Krishnan, or learn more about a talent management model adapted for the local context being developed by Dr Lew Tek Yew. Dr Pauline Ho’s work on corporate governance, voluntary disclosure and environmental sustainability will also be among the highlights of the exhibition.

Research at the School of Business will be of interest not only to local firms, but also multinational firms. For instance, Dr. Siti Rohani Yusof’s studies on institutional barriers to the transfer of best management practices can aid firms in designing strategies to address issues faced when adopting management practices in an international setting.

To further link the academic world with industry, visitors will also be given the opportunity to express interest in joining the School of Business’ Master of Philosophy (MPhil) programme. Designed not only for graduating students, working adults at executive level are more than welcome to explore the various research areas being offered by the research staff at the School of Business that may suit the needs of their firms.

Additionally, the Innovation Expo can be relevant for business owners seeking to improve their business practices. To that end, business owners who would like to seek the transfer of knowledge from the academic world to their firms can explore opportunities for collaboration through the consultancy services being offered by Curtin Sarawak.

The exhibition will also showcase the excellence in teaching of the School of Business staff as they employ innovative teaching methods to suit the needs of different learning styles.

The Curtin Sarawak Open Day 2013 will be open from 10 am to 5.00 pm, with some activities extending until 6.30 pm.

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