Sculptors go abroad to create 雕塑家出国才能创作

(1 August 2016, Monday) The article featured two artists, Han Sai Por and Lim Soon Ngee, who have both gone abroad to create art.

Han Sai Por graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art specialising in Western Painting, and later went on to study fine art at Wolverhampton University in England. Her exhibition, Secret Landscapes, is her inaugural solo acrylic-medium focused exhibition featuring a selection of fifteen acrylic-on-canvas paintings inspired by her recent Bali Purnati artist residency.

Nature has always been one of Han’s core influences in her practice. The artworks displayed at the exhibition were influenced by the rich textures of natural landscapes that she experienced during her stay in Bali. Says Han, “My earlier works reflected present reality, and now reflect thoughts about the past and the future. Bali’s volcanoes, nature and religion possess a type of mysterious strength, which is something that science cannot explain.” Han Sai Por: Secret Landscapes – A Bali Purnati Artist Residency will be held at the The Private Museum, 51 Waterloo Street #02-06, from 5 August to 25 September.

54-year-old sculptor Lim Soo Ngee is a NAFA graduate, and is currently a senior lecturer at the Academy. 18 years ago, he went into teaching full-time and is best known for his works in woodcarving. Due to low market demand and lack of technical support, his factory has been located in Guangzhou for five years. He shared that having connections in Guangzhou helped make him feel more at ease. The factory has a two to three-man team to help out with operations, which helps with efficiency and saving time.

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