Singapore Art Awards The painter the toy pianist and the twins

nafa20151230(17 October 2015, Saturday) One is a pioneering artist who created some of Singapore’s most iconic realist paintings, while the other is an avant-garde musician who made waves internationally with her performances on toy pianos. They might seem as different as night and day, but Chua Mia Tee, 84, and Margaret Leng Tan, 69, now have something in common: Both have just received the Cultural Medallion at the National Arts Council’s annual arts awards. The two artists were among the four recipients of Singapore’s highest honours in the arts at a ceremony held last night at the Istana.

The China-born Chua, who moved to Singapore during the Sino-Japanese War, had studied under the likes of Lim Hak Tai and Cheong Soo Pieng at the Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts.

When it comes to newly minted Young Artist Award twins Chun Kai Feng and Chun Kai Qun, 33, some people may still have a hard time distinguishing who’s who. And sometimes that confusion extends to their works as well.

Both went on to study at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and later took their Master of Fine Art in Glasgow.


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