Staying Ahead With New Pedagogical Approaches At the Inaugural SIM Regional Educators Conference

Bright smiles at the SIM Regional Educators Conference.

Sixty educators from as many as ten countries attended the SIM Regional Educators Conference from 7 to 8 December 2017. Organised by the SIM Regional Marketing and Recruitment Department, the two-day conference allows participants-who consist of Principals, Vice-Principals, Head of Schools and Sections as well as teachers- to share knowledge and best practices while keeping them informed on the latest teaching pedagogies which they can share with other educators back home. The conference is also a platform for educators and students from SIM to share more about the institution’s academic and student life.

The workshops over the two days were conducted by SIM staff from the Teaching and Learning Division; the Academic Division; SIM International Academy and the SIM Employability, Productivity, Industry Transformation Centre (EPIC).

Topics covered during the conference included :Learning Oriented Teaching; FEEDing for Learning: A School-wide Approach to Harness Understanding; Mind Mapping and Visual Thinking; Teaching & Learning Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Skills: A Design Thinking Approach and Preparing Teachers: A Research Perspective.

Dr Aaron Tan, Director, Teaching and Learning Division, conducting a workshop on Learning Oriented Teaching.

The educators came from countries such as Cambodia, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

Here’s what participants had to say on the event:
“I think the organisation of the programme was very systematic. We were well- prepared on what to expect. For example, details such as where we were going to stay, what the programme was going to be like, who the key speakers were and what they were speaking on were shared with us.

“The speakers were also very knowledgeable and were willing to share with all their heart… I want to bring the knowledge that I’ve learned back to the teachers to share it with them. “

Anita Martin, Teacher at the Lodge International School (Malaysia)
“Singapore has one of the leading education systems so I have always been very interested in how other schools and their education systems are like. Thankfully, my leader sent me here and I learned a lot of things about Singapore.

“The workshop by the University at Buffalo Associate Dean, Dr Randy, was very useful. He shared that teachers often focus on the ‘do’ and they don’t have the time to ‘think’ about how our education system is progressing or how we can further improve our teaching methods. So, I felt it was an interesting perspective.”

Yong Jen Na, Teacher at the Lodge International School (Malaysia)
“As the Head of School, I need to guide the students on new methodologies and new approaches in education. I think this will benefit the students in my school. Half of the students from my school go abroad and most of them go to the United States and Canada while some of them come to this institution (SIM). We have ten students studying in SIM right now, so I chose to come and understand SIM better in order for me to convey more information to the students.”

“The programmes are very innovative and complete. The programmes which include learning-oriented teaching and the school-wide approach on how to enhance the standard of learning through thinking skills as well as design and creative skills are useful for the teachers.”

Chen Wei-hung Lawrence, Head of Dinh Thien Ly Sec – High School (Lawrence S. Ting School, Vietnam)

The next Educator’s Conference in 2018 will take place from 6 to 7 December. To find out more, please contact the Regional Marketing and Recruitment at [email protected]

Posted online, 05 January 2018

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