VAD 57 obtained 1st Runner Up and Best Quiz Bee in Inter Unit First Aid Competition 2012

Overall Champion (SMK Chung Hua) and Best Quiz Bee (VAD 57) 2012

Miri – 17 June, 2012 – Curtin VAD 57 obtained 1st Runner Up and Best Quiz Bee in a 3 days Inter Unit First Aid Competition 2012, from 6- 8 July. It was held at Headquarter of Malaysian Red Crescent Miri Chapter.

The aims of the the competition was to promote First Aid knowledge and skills, to exchange experiences as well as to foster the spirit of sportsmanship and strengthen the friendship among Red Crescent members.

The timeline of the competition were stated as below:
Day 1: Quiz Bee
Day 2: Community Based and Relay in First Aid
Day 3: Traditional based and Closing Ceremony (Guest of Honour, Madam Chia)

The representatives of Curtin VAD 57 comprised of Sham Zhen Dong (Manager), Hames Lee Yik Hon (Leader), Chua Sing Cheng, Kho Duh Guan, Chin Hua Lung and Tiong Toh Wei.

Manager and Team Member from Curtin VAD 57

Those are the testimonial of our board of committees and members:

Sham Zhen Dong: “I am the team Manager for this year. This is the 3rd time for VAD 57 to join this kind of competition. I think this will truly enforce not only first aid knowledge, but also train the members practically. Eventhough our future career are not related to medical, the skills of first aid is vital as it may save lives. Experience is the best way to learn and remember.”

James Lee:”This is precious chance for me as the leader to improve my First Aid skill. I ever joined the competition last year. That’s why I have some experience in training my teammates. I hope my members may assist me in training of new members. We have a lot of experience to share together. Practice makes perfect!”

Chua Sing Cheng:”Day 1 of the competition is a great day for us as we score 88 out of 100 in Quiz Bee Session. We are the highest point among 9 teams. We hope really hope we may strike for the best for next coming 2 days as our aim is overall champion. Unfortunately, the questions this year are unexpected. However, we still managed to perform well.”

Kho Duh Guan:”This competition requires high confident in First Aid Skills. I really appreciate as I have this kind of opportunity to represent Curtin for this competition. It is meaningful to join such an interesting event. My life becomes colorful because of VAD 57.”

Chin Hua Lung: “Indeed, we spent very long time for training. We have the training sessions almost everyday in campus for 3 months continuously. Although is tiring, we still have the spirit and teamwork. Our competition was so challenging as it required wide scope of knowledge in first aid. For instance, pressure sore, choking, malnutrition as well as fever of baby. We have to present our skills professionally. ”

Tiong Toh Wei: “I enjoyed very much for this event. Let’s join us if you are interested. There are many upcoming training organized by VAD 57. For Engineering students, it is compulsory to take ad pass the Basic First Aid Coarse. ”

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1st Runner Up VAD 57 with Guest of Honour Madam Chia

Team members

Team members

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