Curtin Sarawak and Miri Marriott in joint beach-cleaning event

Hinderer picking up a bottle to kickstart the beach-cleaning.

Miri – 25 September 2013 – The Bowling Club of Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) recently organised a beach-cleaning event called ‘Beach Whitening’ at Tanjung Lobang Beach as part of their ongoing community outreach programme.

It was organised in collaboration with Curtin Sarawak’s Leo Club and the Department of Science and Foundation of the university’s School of Engineering and Science, as well as the Miri Marriott Resort & Spa, which was the event sponsor.

Present to launch the event were Curtin Sarawak’s chief operating officer and advisor to the Curtin Leo Club, Nicholas Ching Lai Hock; general manager of the Miri Marriott Resort & Spa, Marcel Hinderer, Bowling Club advisor and engineering mathematics associate lecturer Jameson Malang and club president Henry Ngu Chu Lik.

According to Ngu, a fourth-year mechanical engineering student, it was the first beach cleaning event organised by the club involving the participation of students and staff of Curtin Sarawak and staff of the resort.

“The main objective was to help maintain the cleanliness of one of Miri’s most popular beaches while raising awareness on the importance of preserving the environment,” said Ngu.

Participants carrying bags of rubbish.

Hinderer, meanwhile, commented that the event brought both parties together to act as important players in the Miri community with a ‘spirit to serve’.

“It’s not about getting credit and we’re not doing this for profit. We aim to raise awareness and share the passion for a cleaner and brighter environment with our local community,” remarked Hinderer.

A total of 40 participants braved the scorching sun to clean the whole stretch of the beach. They were divided into five groups and managed to collect more than 10 large bags of rubbish and debris. Apart from the beach cleaning, the participants also took part in fun activities throughout the day.

During the closing ceremony, Ching praised the student clubs for their initiative in organising the event, saying it was a good opportunity to enhance relations and build friendships, as well as work towards a common cause. Meanwhile, Jameson thanked everyone for their support, particularly the Miri Marriott Resort & Spa for sponsoring the event.

Another event organised by the Curtin Bowling Club will be the Curtin Open Bowling Competition on 12 October 2013. Participation is open to all and those interested to participate can contact Bobby Tie at 018-973 8872 or Patricia Choo at 016-876 8197. One can also visit the Curtin Bowling Club’s Facebook page for updates on the club’s activities.

Participants from Curtin Sarawak and Miri Marriott Resort & Spa in a photo call at the end of the event.

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