Curtin Sarawak praised for promoting excellence

JCLA student ambassadors with Professor John Evans and Professor David Wood (centre).

Miri – 7 May 2010 – Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) was praised for its efforts in promoting excellence amongst its students and staff by Sarawak Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications and Assistant Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation Datuk Lee Kim Shin when he officiated at Curtin Sarawak’s fourth Award and Scholarship Ceremony recently.

Datuk Lee, who is also the chairman of the university’s management board, said the annual Award and Scholarship Ceremony is a notable tradition established at Curtin Sarawak to reward academic and service excellence and commended the university and its corporate partners for sponsoring the various awards and scholarships presented during the event.

He also congratulated the over 100 student and staff award recipients for their hard work and commitment, describing them as the cream of the crop and most deserving of recognition.

“The quest for excellence can serve a larger purpose. In promoting the culture of learning and the constant quest for excellence, a university can transform the lives of not only individuals, but also society at large. A great university is measured by its contribution to society, the country and the world, and blessed with great people like yourselves, I believe Curtin Sarawak is well on the road to becoming a great university,” said Datuk Lee.

30 undergraduates were acknowledged for making it onto the Vice Chancellor’s List, and 19 student ambassadors for their membership in the prestigious John Curtin Leadership Academy, during the event held in the university’s multipurpose Recreation & Event Centre.

38 others received awards for academic excellence, community service and extracurricular activities from various sponsors, including Certified Public Accountants Australia, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Chartered Institute of Marketing Malaysia, Ernst & Young, Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Murphy Oil, Petronas, Samling Corporation, Shin Yang Corporation, Institution of Engineers Malaysia, HSBC Bank Malaysia, the Sarawak Higher Education Foundation, Cengage Learning Asia and Zecon Berhad.

Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management and Minister of Public Utilities Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Ali Hassan, Curtin Sarawak Council member Dato Sri Celestine Ujang and Datuk Lee Kim Shin himself, as well as the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, also contributed awards.

Staff excellence awards (and their recipients) consisted of the Bintulu Development Authority Award for Best Publication for School of Engineering Lecturer (Dr. M.V. Prasanna) and Best Publication for School of Business Lecturer (Anbalagan Krishnan and Dr. Junaid M. Shaikh); Dato Wee Han Wen Award for Performance and Dedication (Dora Mujan); and the Datuk Lee Kim Shin Award for Outstanding Community Contribution (Curtin Sarawak 10th Anniversary Organising Committee).

In addition, some 76 foundation and undergraduate students received scholarships for study at Curtin Sarawak and Curtin’s main campus in Perth, Australia.

The scholarships were the Curtin Sarawak Foundation Scholarship, Degree Scholarship, Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship (for international students), Dean’s Scholarship, and Staff Scholarship (for staff undergoing studies at Curtin Sarawak); the Bill Nichols Scholarship, Western Australia Premier’s Scholarship, as well as scholarships sponsored by Shell Malaysia and Daiken Sarawak.

Also present at the event were the acting vice-chancellor of Curtin University of Technology, Professor David Wood; Curtin Sarawak’s pro vice-chancellor and chief executive Professor John Evans and Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Joan Gribble; members of the Curtin Sarawak Council, board of directors and management board, as well as representatives of the corporate sponsors and family members of the recipients.

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